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Pictures from the Bengaluru FC vs United SC match

Enjoy some pictures from the Bengaluru FC vs United SC match…..

Todays win against United SC has propelled Bengaluru FC to the top of the I-league table. See the latest I-league Standings.

Four things to be excited about Bengaluru F.C.

Bengaluru_FC_LogoThis is a guest column by by Yogesh Maurya (Football coach), where he does a tactical analysis of the Bengaluru FC team.

Numbers up!  :

Given the outstanding qualities of centre halves John Johnson and Curtis Osano, BFC can push the current 4:3:3 and morph when beneficial into a 3:5:2 or 3:4:3 during phases of a match.  As the wing backs develop their confidence and tactical instincts further, they can push deeper into the middle and attacking thirds allowing for better build-up play and pressing in transition.  And even more dangerous at times, in a 3:4:3 we could see one of the wing  backs pushing up further inside and allowing the very talented wingers in Chhetri and Beingaichho to push further forward.

Kiss…the carpet that is..Keep It Simple Stupid! :

[ Though some would bet the Gaffer likes to substitute the final word! :) ] There are some very talented players in the group, and none more so than current holding midfielder Johnny Menyongar. When BFC play through him on the ground, five to ten meters, we see composure, class and a gutsy risk taker in action. A perfect example was the second goal against Rangdajied United, when he struck a wonderful ball nearly 40 meters to the equally prepared Beingaichho who took it down in stride and took on his defender with conviction and swagger.

Counter attack!  :

The third goal against Rangdajied United demonstrated why BFC is going to be a lot to handle on the break.  Sunil Chhetri’s speed and clear comfort attacking with his shoulders square to the goal combined with Rooney’s rare gift of playing with his back to the goal on the wonderful turf pitch suits the guile this team has shown to play counter at will.

Pressing please! :

(Not the kit laundry man!) With classy center halves and Menyongar’s ability to play the first or second ball on the carpet in transition, BFC will press higher closing the gaps between the defensive unit and midfield much faster, and they can take that risk given the speed they have in midfield and the confidence with which the center halves are organized. Obviously the team will also get fitter as the games move forward. As one could see at pitch level, it was still quite warm. Let’s give the players credit for fighting through what is some heavy air…for all of Bangalore’s much celebrated greenery and great weather, the stadium is in the center of town and whether we like it or not, the players are coping with pollution just like the rest of us!

Looking forward to the next run of matches.

Yogesh Maurya  :

Football Yogi- Article 1-edited (1)

Was a United States High School All-American football player and represented the State of New Jersey as a player in the US Olympic Development Program throughout his teenage years. He has worked with some of the top coaches in US football like former US National Coach Bob Bradley, former US International Dieter Ficken and corever youth coach Tom Reilly

I-league Round-2 Fixtures and Telecast details

I-League_logo.svgThis weekend I-league will move to its 2nd round. Here are the fixtures and telecast details.

Round-2 Fixtures







Churchill Brothers

 Mohun Bagan A.C

3:30 PM

Ten Action


United Sports Club

Sporting Clube de Goa

3:00 PM


Shillong Lajong FC

Pune FC

3:30 PM


Bengaluru FC

Rangdajied United FC

4:00 PM

Ten Action


Mumbai FC

Dempo Sports Club

4:00 PM

Karnataka State Football Association to issue fresh passes

250X250_20417127725180ddfa13b5eSupposedly club members affiliated to KSFA, officers of KSFA and BDFA could not enter the stadium for the last I-league match between Bengaluru FC and Mohun Bagan because of a gaffe on match-day passes.

KSFA held a meeting with JSW officials and will be issuing fresh passes to all 128 affiliated clubs to sort out the entry issue.

Read more : KSFA acts to sort out entry issue

Goals from Pune FC, United SC and Bengaluru FC matches

Watch the goals from 3 I-League matches that took place on Sunday.

Bengaluru FC vs Mohun Bagan

Mohammedan Sporting Vs Pune FC  :

United SC vs Rangdajied United

Due credits to the goDpuncheDmeh team.

Pictures from the Bengaluru FC Vs Mohun Bagan match

We were at the Bengaluru Football stadium watching Bengaluru FC taking on Kolkata giants Mohun Bagan in their opening fixture of Airtel I-league. There was a good buzz about this match, fans turned up in good numbers and Bengaluru FC did not disappoint by putting a good performance. It was unlucky for them that the match ended up in a stalemate.

An average camera and my pathetic photography skills means the pictures aren’t that great. As the season progress, i should get better at clicking pictures. However this time around you will have to settle with this.

A personal experience of watching my first ever I-league match at a stadium + a match report will be up tomorrow. Till then enjoy the clicks.


Quality foreigners dot I-league this season

Image Courtesy : http://i-league.org

Image Courtesy : http://i-league.org

Many say I-league has lost its sheen, it is not a viable package and so on. While all the criticism lingers on and some of them being true,  it has to be said that this season’s I-league has attracted a formidable array of foreign imports.

Some years ago, foreign players mostly came from Africa and then on, some from Brazil. But were they good enough for the salary they were being paid here?  I am unsure about that aspect. However, clubs have moved on from their traditional hunting grounds in Africa and Brazil and is recruiting decent players from Australia, Europe, Middle East and Asia now.

This season’s I-league has a former world cup player,  some players who plied their trade in EPL and lower division English leagues and some from Spain and Portugal.  Quality attracts eye-balls too.  For instance, Bengaluru FC has recruited Ashley Westwood as their coach. He started his career as a Manchester United academy player and went on to don coaching roles at Portsmouth, Blackpool and Blackburn. His pedigree certainly helped in getting  sky-sports interested about his Indian assignment at Bengaluru FC.  Skysports reporting about an I-league coach would  have been unthinkable a few years ago.

While there has been passing remarks in the media about the foreigners in I-league this season, there has been no comprehensive report about them anywhere.  Withstanding the question on how they will help Indian Football develop, as a package I-league does need good foreign imports to raise the quality of football.

Today TOI has taken some time out and has written a decent article about the foreign imports in I-league this season – Influx of quality foreign players on the upswing

Airtel I-league kicks off today

I-League_logo.svgA  brand new season of I-league is here. 13 teams across India will fight it out the premier league of the country. Check the squads of all the participating teams here.

The matches from the opening weekend are as follows :

21-Sep-13 Mohammedan Sporting Club Pune FC 3:00 PM
21-Sep-13 Mumbai FC Sporting Clube de Goa 4:00 PM
21-Sep-13 Churchill Brothers SC Salgaocar FC 4:00 PM
22-Sep-13 United Sports Club Rangdajied United FC 2:45 PM
22-Sep-13 Bengaluru FC McDowell Mohun Bagan A.C 4:00 PM
22-Sep-13 Dempo Sports Club Shillong Lajong FC 4:00 PM

Bengaluru FC coach Ashley Westwood featured in skysports.com

Image Courtesy : http://i-league.org

Image Courtesy : http://i-league.org

Indian football aficionados are in a delirium after news broke out that Airtel is sponsoring I-League. Before the euphoria settles, we at Football News India wants to share yet another incredible piece of news – Bengaluru FC coach Asley Westwood is featured in skysports.com

There has been quite a buzz about Bengaluru FC, the new entrant to I-league. We have heard our national team captain Sunil Chhetri saying that European standards are set at the club but we never got to know the finer details. Well, this interview brings out the kind of initiatives that Bengaluru FC is bringing to the table.

Sample this :  “We had to get over to them really that this isn’t Indian football as it was in the past where they are used to bringing in their bag, dropping it by the side of the field, doing your two hours, then picking your bag up to go home and that’s it – you’re a footballer for two hours a day. We’ve had to get them to understand they are a footballer 24 hours a day. We supply the top heart-rate monitors, we’ve got recovery monitors and sleep monitors. We give them protein shakes and electrolyte drinks. We have breakfast together an hour before training. We have lunch together and supply four chefs at the lads’ apartment where they all live together.

Read the excellent piece put together by skysports scribe Adam Bate :  Indian adventure

Bengaluru Football stadium to get flood lights

Bengaluru_FC_LogoPrior to their very first I-league match, new entrant Bengaluru FC briefed media about their plans to attract fans to the Bangalore stadium by providing a class experience.

The stadium is being repainted and bucket seats will be coming up in a while.  Plans are also made to install temporary flood lights by the second half of the season.

Ashley Westwood the coach of the team sounded optimistic about the team’s chances in the upcoming season and stressed that the team is devoid of any injuries.

Arbor Brewing company, a micro brewery situated just outside the Bangalore stadium is announced as the pub partner of the club. You can either watch team playing at the stadium or down a few specially brewed pitchers at the pub and then head to the stadium or even watch the clubs’ matches at the  pub itself. The pub will also sell Bengaluru FC merchandise.

It is also learnt that the club has a tie up with the city FM channel Radio City.

Mustafa Ghouse, CEO of the club also discussed about the ticketing strategies and the tie up with online ticketing partners bookmyshow.com that we reported yesterday.

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