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The Ultimate Gif : Sunil Chhetri’s Goal against Mohammedan Sporting

Here is an ultra cool gif of a Sunil Chhetri goal. This goal against Mohammedan Sporting has to be one of the best goals scored in this I-league Season.

Captain Fantastic!


Bengaluru FC fined for Crowd Trouble

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An I-league panel after evaluating the Referees’ and Match Commissioner’s reports has decided to fine Bengaluru FC INR 20000.

Reports say that a repetition of crowd trouble in the upcoming matches means doubling the fine amount.

East Bengal goal keeper Gurpreet Sandhu was showered with bottles and other items during Bengaluru FC’s last home match.

Bengaluru FC’s Ashley Westwood rebuffs offers from England

Ashley Westwood

Ashley Westwood

According to Teamtalk.com Bengaluru FC’s  Ashley Westwood has been linked with coaching positions at Crawley FC and Bury FC. However Ashley Westwood has gone on record saying that he is concentrating on Bengaluru FC as of now.

The I-league table topper’s manager said to teamtalk.com –

“Of course in the future I will return to Europe and its nice to be recognised for your work. However I’m just focusing on the next game for Bangaluru,” he said.

“The last three months have involved early starts and long days but when you see the lads react to the information you give them then it’s very rewarding. We’ve got a long way to go yet.”

I-League Could Tie-Up with SAP for High-end Analytics

SAP, I-league, SAPA HANA, India, Clubs, Football, Bengaluru FC, Pune FC, Sunandho Dhar, SoccerSAP has made its foray in to sports in a big manner with the announcement of the SAP HANA system. SAP HANA an in-memory database, analytics, mobile software combined with other technologies can help teams to gauge performance of their players, collect real time data and do much.

SAP has already taken a dive in to this vertical as they have already signed up NBA in this regard. SAPA HANA system offer teams a scouting platform, it can grab media and data from social sites and thereby gauging fan sentiments and could over all improve the experience of spectators in the stadium.

German Bundesliga outfit TSG 1899 Hoffenheim is using the latest technology offered by SAP. Where trainers use Google Glass in combination with this technology to gauge player performances.

Video of  Hoffenheim using SAP HANA technology :

AIFF has published an article about representatives participating in the recently concluded SAP Forum for Sports and Entertainment  in Germany.  SAP India Managing Director Anirban Dey told AIFF  – “SAP believes that this can also be leveraged by the I-League clubs,”

AIrtel I-league CEO Sunandho Dhar said that a Pilot Project is being chalked out between SAP India and Airtel I-league. “We are trying to work out a deal with SAP India on whether the technology can be brought to India, if not on the same scale but parts of it. A Pilot Project may be in the offing.” said Sunandho Dhar to AIFF Media.

Airtel I-league Round 7 Fixtures and Results

Airtel I-league, TenAction


Airtel I-league enters the 7th round. Six matches including the first away match for Bengaluru FC is in offering. Catch the fixtures and Telecast details of these matches here. Also watch out for the results that will pop in here!

Kingfisher East Bengal Club – Bengaluru FC

2 - 0

Date : 26th Oct, Telecast : TenAction, 2.30 pm

Mumbai FC – McDowell Mohun Bagan

0 - 1

Date : 26th Oct, Telecast : No, 3.30 pm

United Sports Club – Salgaocar FC

0 - 2

Date : 27th Oct, Telecast : No, 2.00 pm

Sporting Clube de Goa – Mohammedan Sporting

1 - 3

Date : 27th Oct, Telecast : No, 3.45 pm

Pune FC – Rangdajied United FC

1 - 0

Date : 27th Oct, Telecast : No, 7.00 pm

Shillong Lajong – Churchill Brothers

2 - 2

Date : 28th Oct, Telecast : No, 4.30 pm


Bengaluru FC vs Dempo SC : In Football the Ball Scores

Bengaluru FC – Dempo Sports Club

3 - 1

Guest column by by Yogesh Maurya (Football coach). Yogesh talks about Bengaluru Fc’s tactics they employed against Dempo Sc

Bengaluru FC, I-leagueWithin 12 minutes of the opening whistle, Bengaluru FC  had scored what would prove to be the game winner, and on balance of play, the final result of 3-1 to BFC was well deserved.  Technically, if we look at the first 2 goals, Dempo failed to step up and challenge the ball despite multiple players having opportunities to do so.   Remember, when we say the ball scores in football, we simply are reminding ourselves that it is the ball that crosses the goal line when a goal is scored.  Sounds simple right? Well despite all the tactical punditry that engulfs our beautiful game today, the actual decisive plays in the moment come down to often simple choices and actions. So if the defending team does not challenge attempts at goal, especially against a team with the finishing talent of BFC, one would not be a tactical genius in telling you that it is a risky approach.

To our technical fraternity that likes breakdowns…here we go: BFC was in their usual 4:3:3 formation, with Menyongar as the single holding midfielder. Dempo was in a 4:2:3:1, the difference to BFC’s formation being the two holding midfielders we often call a double pivot.  So what that translates into is BFC’s  front five of Rooney, Chhetri, Beingaicho, Hanghal and Caldeira against Dempo’s back six.  5 v 6 means Dempo has a free man, which often was one of Dempo SC, I-league, Football, India, Indianfootballthe centre halves in Honda or Colosimo.  How does it help to have the extra man? The extra man is often ineffective to say the least if defences do not rotate when there is a breakdown and step up to the ball…translation, if the defence stands around and ball watches, and backs off of players giving them too much room, they will be conceding more often than not at this level.

The First Goal:

Let’s look at the first goal. Firstly, absolutely brilliantly struck by Hanghal into the top corner.   Great technique and composure on the half volley; settled the ball with one touch, kept his knee over the ball, balanced his body with his left arm, and locked his ankle in a fluid strike. It is awesome to see that type of execution live! Striking a football clean, with pace and in the right direction is very similar to a beautiful fluid golf swing…if you over swing, the ball often ends up with the wrong trajectory and distance…same in football.  But, from the other side, Dempo has to be disappointed as not less than 4 players could have confronted the strike but chose to give Hanghal way too much room.

Contrast that with Johnson and Osano…have we seen them backing off especially that close to goal? Not once. I will always take a defender that has the confidence to stand up to an attacker aggressively and may get beat, as opposed to one that backs off because he is unsure of himself.  Let’s go even deeper in the sequence of events that lead to the goal…first mistake by Honda: allows Rooney to receive the ball inside the 18 yard box on a bounced throw-in.  Second mistake, Players watching Rooney and not anticipating.  Colosimo clears the header which lands at Sanghal.  3rd mistake…repeat of the 2nd mistake…players watch Hanghal settle the ball and strike.  When Hanghal struck the ball, not even including the goalkeeper, Dempo had 8 players in or at the top of the box compared to Bengaluru FC’s 4!

The Second Goal:

On the second goal, the first error by Dempo was letting the ball bounce like that again near the 18 yard box despite having six players back and four behind the ball! Even after the bounce, instead of attacking the ball and clearing it, Dempo’s right back allowed Chhetri to challenge him.  Contrast with BFC. When do Johnson and Osano ever let a ball bounce? Have yet to see it.  The results are clear. After the keeper makes a brilliant save on Chhetri, the ball ends up with Rooney at the top of the box and an absolutely clinical finish!  Look at the numbers…Dempo had four players in the box compared to BFC’s two! Just outside the box, Dempo has three players back compared to BFC with one midfielder high.

The Third Goal:

On the third goal, more of the same. Honda backed off Caldeira who was able to play Rooney through…Rooney again makes no mistake (though I am sure he will be the first one to tell you the keeper gave him way too much of the far post). Doesn’t mean it’s easy! Yes, Dempo seemed a step behind compared to BFC who started aggressively and hungry as usual.   BFC has scored first in every single match this year.  Credit to the coaching staff for their role in having the players ready from the opening whistle…that is the result of loads of preparation behind the scenes, not some accident and random luck.

Post scripts:

Key midfield battle :

Hanghal and Caldeira winning out versus Dempo’s No. 6 Carvalho and No. 23 Raja.

John Menyongar :

Have not seen the stat book, but my ticker has that he did not turn the ball over a single time even successfully completing some of his riskier passes.

Sunil Chetri :


Liked the spring in his step and desire that created the 2nd goal…and he mixed it up. Though his yellow card seemed harsh, didn’t mind him showing that competitive fire all match long.  Possibly his best performance this year as his National Coach – Wim Koevermans looked on.

Pawan Kumar :

What he lacks in height he must make up with positioning and footwork…just misjudged the ball on the goal by Dempo…for any goalkeeper, on any type of crosses, the most important factor is to be decisive.  Once committed, he still might have gotten to it but in his doubt, he forgot to jump and instead peddled back when it was too late.  No problem as I can assure you it has happened to much taller goalkeepers!  The coaches will work on that in training.

BFC begin a run of road matches.  Much is made of away games being more difficult than home games…the lack of fan support, the travel…but it is all a matter of perception. Whether or not the crowd is rooting for the player, the fact that there is a crowd, and an energy, it gives players a lift. And the travel? It allows the team to be together and focus without the distractions that often come along with home games. So it is really about how you interpret your environment, not how the environment interprets you! …it is still a football match with two nets and 22 players!

Yogesh Maurya :

Football Yogi- Article 1-edited (1)

Yogesh Maurya played Collegiate soccer for Columbia University in New York and was a United States High School All American, representing New Jersey in the US Olympic development program. In the last 4 years alone, he has spent over 3000 hours on and off the pitch coaching and studying tactics and youth player development.  

Video : Bengaluru FC’s goals against Dempo

Bengaluru FC put up another convincing performance in the 6th round of I-league and scored some beautiful goals against five times I-league champions Dempo SC. Here are the goals from the 3-1 defeat of Dempo.

Bengaluru FC vs Mohammeden Sporting : The Key Battle that Won the Match

Bengaluru FC – Mohammedan Sporting

2 - 1

Guest column by by Yogesh Maurya (Football coach). Today he deconstructs Bengaluru FC’s match against Mohammedan Sporting and talks about the key battle that won the match for the home team

Bengaluru FC, I-leagueThis match was largely about 10 players: 4 Mohammedan Sporting players attacking 6 Bengaluru FC players throughout the match.  The front 4 attacking players for Sporting included the midfielders #8 Penn Orji, #26 Jerry Zirsanaga, and their forwards #9 Josimar D’Silva and #10 Tolgey Ozbey…against the back 4 of Bengaluru FC which included centre halves #6 John Johnson and #4 Curtis Osano, right back #3 Vishal Kumar and left back #20 Keegan Pereira, plus Bengaluru FC midfielders #10 John Menyongar, and at times either #15 Darren Caldeira or #12 Thoi Singh.  Count them up and it was often these 10 players involved in the play as 4v6 and individually as 1v1, 1v2, 2v2, 2v3 and 3v3 battles that decided the game.  When it was all done, Bengaluru FC prevailed, and the reasons reinforce some fairly consistent aspects of this team while revealing some exciting new qualities.

The centre halves:

The obvious first…Johnson and Osano maintain extremely high levels of concentration throughout matches.  It is their intelligent reading of the game with and without the ball, combined with their confidence and effort that leads to them getting to balls first and winning almost all 50:50 battles or tackles.  They rarely make mistakes.  Josimar  and Tolgay were both dangerous and to their credit continued pushing until the last whistle, but lacked any kind of industrious or creative partnership and more importantly, without numbers in support, one always had the feeling it would only be a momentary lapse as happened on the goal by Josimar, that could undo Bengaluru FC.  Josimar’s goal was a well taken header off an excellent cross as he managed to slip between Johnson and Osano with Johnson just misjudging the flight of the ball. No reason to lose sleep over it because really the dynamic duo had an excellent game yet again against a crafty strike force.

The full backs:

In the first half, Mohammedan Sporting attacked primarily down the left flank with success. Vishal Kumar put in a shift but was repeatedly unsuccessful in containing attackers 1v1 leading to several scoring opportunities which Mohammedan Sporting was unable to finish.  Kumar was replaced by #13 Rino Anto in the second half who performed very well, as Mohammedan Sporting found slightly more success in attacking down the right flank against Keegan Pereira who was duly supported by midfielder Darren Caldeira as they attempted to thwart MS attacks which were at times very threatening despite being numbers down due mainly to the 1v1 attacking maturity of Tolgay and the busy buzzing of the playmaker Zirsanga who would eventually be substituted to little effect.

The holding midfielder:

In the first half there was some confusion between Menyongar and Singh in picking Orji up as he positioned himself fairly high up the pitch and was getting the ball in between the lines too easily.  Once the communication was sorted, both players were able to defend Orji as required and took the same understanding into the second half as Orji was forced to drop even deeper to receive the ball. Menyongar did what he usually does…filled the hole in front of the centre halves, kept from over committing himself, and was excellent in finding the free man in transition.

The Man of the Match

For me it was without doubt Thoi Singh who started the match in place of Siam Hangal.  Singh was the busiest player on the pitch, constantly showing for the ball with his team in possession, attacking with pace, making excellent decisions with the ball and doing the dogged defensive work as required.  His intelligently timed runs off the ball often saw him receiving the ball in dangerous areas in between the lines, and he attacked with confidence.  His pace, assembly line work rate, and attacking flare had a massive impact on the match, and I am looking forward to seeing him play more.

Post Scripts:

Counter Attack:

Bengaluru FC continues to show that it is most dangerous on the break. Makes for plenty of excitement.

Indian Strikers:

Sunil Chhetri : Something there sees him slightly out of his usual fine form turning the ball over somewhat cheaply and not yet having the right harmony with Pereira on the left.  Only one way to get out of it…keep working extremely hard and stay positive. He has the class.

Robin Singh : Crowd favourite is improving for sure and hard done not get a penalty after such wonderful defensive work and a great individual run into the box.
Beikhokhei Beingaicho : Has somewhat quietly been one of BFC’s best performers this season…attacking with pace and creativity, and always doing the defensive work asked of him.

Bengaluru FC Seeking to Collaborate with Inter Milan

According to a report that has appeared on Inter Milan website. Bengaluru FC is seeking to collaborate with the Italian football club.

Here is the translation of the article that appeared on the Inter’s website.

Image Courtesy : http://www.inter.it/it/news/63742

Image Courtesy : http://www.inter.it/it/news/63742

Friday, October 4, Kunal Agarwal Director General of Bengaluru FC, ​​professional football club that plays in the Indian I-League, owned by the JSW Group, met at the headquarters in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, some leaders Inter. In particular, Agarwal has spent some time with the staff of the commercial sector and the Inter Campus, staying then at length with the project’s technical leader Inter Academy, Marco Monti, to evaluate possible future collaborations techniques.

I-league Round 4 Fixtures and Results

Here are the 4th round matches and the results of Airtel I-league 2013- 14

Salgaocar FC – Dempo Sports Club

1 - 1

Date : 09th Oct, Telecast : Live on TenAction, 3.50 pm

Shillong Lajong – Kingfisher East Bengal Club

0 - 4

Date : 09th Oct Telecast : No

Mumbai FC – United Sports Club

1 - 1

Date : 09th Oct, Telecast : Live on TenAction, 6.50 pm

Bengaluru FC – Mohammedan Sporting

2 - 1

Date : 10th Oct, Telecast : Live on TenAction, 3.50 pm

Rangdajied United FC – Churchill Brothers

1 - 1

Date : 10th Oct, Telecast : No

Pune FC – McDowell Mohun Bagan

2 - 0

Date : 10th Oct, Telecast : Live on TenAction, 6.50 pm


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