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Kerala Junior Striker Ananthu Murali Called up for U-19 National Coaching Camp

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Image : Asianet

Ananthu Murali, who led the Kerala Junior team at the recently concluded 49th Junior national football tournament for BC Roy Trophy is called up for the U-19 National Team Coaching Camp.

While there has been no official confirmation on the same, the team and academy through which Ananthu Murali came up (Red Star FC) has put an update on their Facebook profile notifying his call up.

Ananthu Murali was in fine form at the  49th Junior national football tournament bagging 10 goals that helped the Kerala team reach finals of Tier II. He was also selected as the best player from Kerala in the Bajaj-Allianz football camp and visited Germany for a football camp with Bayern Munich.

The U-19 National Team 2013/Elite Academy Coaching Camp will commence on October 15 at AIFF Training Centre, Goa.

We at Football News India wish Ananthu Murali all the best for his future endeavors.

Heart break for Kerala in the finals (Tier II) of Junior National Football Championship

Image Courtesy : Kerala Coach Purushothaman Thekkathara T G’s facebook profile.

Image Courtesy : Kerala Coach Purushothaman Thekkathara T G’s facebook profile.

Kerala lost to Sports Authority of India team 5-2 in the finals ( Tier 11) Junior National Football Championship for B.C Roy Trophy that was held at Bokaro in Jharkhand.

Kerala was in fine form throughout the championship, scripting huge margin wins against Jammu Kashmir, Rajasthan and then edged out Arunchal Pradesh on a solitary goal in the group stages. In the semifinal Kerala pipped a strong Chandigarh team 3-0.

By the time the kerala team reached the finals, they had scored over 26 goals and conceded none. However, when it came to the final Kerala fell short and lost to the SAI team. The last time Kerala won the Junior National Football Championship was in 1973. This defeat quashed Kerala’s effort to clinch the title again after 30 years. Even though not an excuse, the ground was almost unplayable due to the torrential rain that lashed in Bokaro the day before the finals.

The silver lining however is that by qualifying for the finals of Tier II, Kerala has secured a place in the Tier I of the next edition of  tournament. Kerala’s dismal performance during the recent years had them demoted to the Tier II of the tournament.

Kerala reaches the final of Junior National Championship

Image Courtesy : Kerala Coach Purushothaman Thekkathara T G’s facebook profile.

Image Courtesy : Kerala Coach Purushothaman Thekkathara T G’s facebook profile.

Continuing their great form in the tournament, Kerala team has sailed to the finals of Tier II by defeating Chandigarh 3-0 in the semifinal that took place in Ranchi.

65 minutes of the match was played yesterday before it had to be stopped due to thunderstorms in Ranchi. Kerala was already leading 2-0 in the match and they knocked in one more goal to take the tally to 3-0 in the rest of the 25 minutes that was played today morning.

Kerala will take on the Sports Authority of India (SAI) team in the finals of Tier II.

The malaise of age-fraud makes a return at the Junior National Football Championship

For the last few days rumors were abound on the internet where sources close to various state football associations hurling accusations that certain teams participating in the 49th Junior National Football Championship has over aged players in their team. It was interesting to note that a state run sports body who is fielding their team was also accused of age-fraud.

Putting the rumors to bed is an article from The Telegraph which quotes an AIFF official.

“Bengal are one of the few states, who stuck by the rule book and fielded a side that had footballers within the stipulated age,” said an AIFF official. “Teams like Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Manipur and Meghalaya also adhered to the age restriction.

“For the rest of the states, it has become a free for all,” claimed the official.

Age-fraud is a serious malaise that needs to curbed else all these national level age-group tournaments turn worthless and associations that comply to the rules are made a laughing stock.

We at Football News India believe, AIFF,  for the greater good of the game should ban State/District associations for a certain period of time if they are found fielding an over-age team in an age-group tournament.

 Quotes in the article is sourced from  – Age-fudging at AIFF meet

Kerala in semis (Tier II) of Junior National Football Championship

Kerala team.
Pic Courtesy : Kerala Coach Purushothaman Thekkathara T G’s facebook profile.

Kerala has been in fine form at the ongoing Junior National Football Championship at Jharkhand. In their last match in Group D, Kerala edged Arunachal Pradesh by a solitary goal. Captain Anatha Murali scored the lone goal against Arunachal Pradesh in the 71st minute of the match. Earlier Kerala had defeated  Jammu & Kashmir and Rajsathan in Group D.

According to reports Kerala will take on Chandigarh in the semifinal of Tier I that will take place on 26th September. Chandigarh from Group B has also been in good form.  Chandigarh defeated Gujarat, Sikkim and Tripura to secure their place in semifinal.

Kerala in fine form at the 49th Junior National Football Championship

Image : Asianet

Image : Asianet

The 49th Junior National Football Championship is currently underway in Jharkhand. Except score update on the AIFF website, there is hardly any news coming through from the championship.

Kerala being led by Anantha Murali from Thrissur who was earlier selected to train in Germany through the Bajaj – Allianz  football camp is in fine form so far. I don’t expect to jinx Kerala’s journey  in the tournament but their form deserves to be mentioned.

In their first group match, they mauled Jammu & Kashmir 12-0, with Anantha Murali scoring five times. The second match against Rajasthan also saw a huge score line. Kerala walloped Rajasthan 10-0.

The last time i wrote about Kerala’s appearance in Junior National Football Championship was in 2010. Unlike today, Kerala was in tatters at that time.  They lost to Mizoram (4-0) and Chandigarh (6-0) in the group stages. I did not even bother to check the score line for other matches then on.

However, this time around the Kerala team looks to be in good nick. There is long way to go in the championship. Hope the winning streak continues and they win the championship.

Kerala will take on a formidable opposition in Arunachal Pradesh tomorrow and that result should give us a idea about our chances in the championship.

Results so far :

Kerala 12 -0 Jammu & Kashmir

Kerala 10 – 0 Rajasthan

Upcoming  Group D fixture : Kerala Vs Arunachal Pradesh, 24th September

Top Scorer : Anantha Murali with 7 goals so far.

Results from 49th Junior National Football Championship

500px-India_FA.svgI-league has been garnering all the attention of Indian football fans so far and rightly so. However, young footballers from across India is fighting out in Jharkhand in the 49th Junior National Football Championship for BC Roy Trophy.

The tournament has been on for the last two days and there has been no coverage at all the media. It is rather very unfortunate that any coverage eludes this tournament where the upcoming football stars of this country fight it out.  The following are the results so far from the championship.

The competition has entered the semifinal phase for the two tiers – I & II.  In the first semifinal of Tier I that happened today (25th – Sep), Sports Authority of India (SAI) defeated Maharashtra by a solitary goal.

In the second semi-final taking place tomorrow, Kerala will take on Chandigarh.

Keep a watch here, we will bring you the semi final and final results.

Finals Tier I  : 


Mizoram Vs Assam


Finals Tier I I :


SAI Vs Kerala


 Semifinals Results Tier I I :


Punjab Vs Mizoram



Madhya Pradesh vs Assam


Semifinals Results Tier I :


Chandigarh Vs Kerala



Maharshtra vs SAI


Group Stages results :

25-Sep Mizoram  Vs Orissa
25-Sep Uttar Pradesh Vs Haryana
25-Sep Goa Vs Meghalaya
25-Sep Karnataka Vs Punjab
25-Sep Madhya Pradesh Vs UttaraKhand
25-Sep West Bengal Vs Manipur
24-Sep Tamilnadu Vs Delhi
24-Sep Jharkhand Vs Assam
24-Sep Arunachal Pradesh  Vs Kerala
24-Sep Jammu & Kashmir Vs Rajsthan
24-Sep Sikkim Vs Tripura
24-Sep Chandigarh Vs Gujarat
23-Sep Madhya Pradesh  Vs West Bengal
23-Sep Haryana Vs Mizoram
23-Sep Uttar Pradesh Vs Orissa
23-Sep Bihar Vs Nagaland
23-Sep Himachal Pradesh Vs SAI
22-Sep Kerala Vs Rajasthan
22-Sep Tamil Nadu Vs Assam
22-Sep Orissa Vs Haryana 
22-Sep Delhi Vs Jharkhand 
22-Sep Tripura Vs Gujarat 
22-Sep Sikkim Vs Chandigarh 
22-Sep Arunachal Pradesh  Vs Jammu & Kashmir
21-Sep West bengal Vs Uttarakhand
21-Sep Punjab Vs Meghalaya
21-Sep Madhya Pradesh Vs Manipur
21-Sep Karnataka Vs Goa
21-Sep   Mizoram Vs Uttar Pradesh
21-Sep   Nagaland Vs Maharashtra
21-Sep   Chhattisgarh Vs Himachal Pradesh
20-Sep Assam Vs Delhi
20-Sep Jharkhand Vs Tamil Nadu  7-1
20-Sep Chandigarh Vs Tripura  6-0
20-Sep Gujarat Vs Sikkim
20-Sep Jammu & Kashmir Vs Kerala  0-12
20-Sep Rajasthan Vs Arunachal Pradesh  0-8
19-Sep Maharashtra Vs Bihar  3-2
19-Sep Sports Authority of India (SAI) Vs Chattisgarh  6-0

Tamil Nadu announce team for Junior National Championship

250X250_2915920375180d69b6d912Tamil Nadu has announced their 20 member team for the 49th Junior National Football Championship, for BC Roy Trophy.

Tamil Nadu is placed in Group C of Tier I. The other team in the group are Jharkhand, Assam, and Delhi. Tamil Nadu will take on Jharkhand on September 20th, Assam on 22nd September and Delhi on  the 24th of September.

The Tamil Nadu team is as follows :

Team: A John Roshan (goalkeeper), M. Kabilan (goalkeeper), M Udhaya Kumar, P Yuvaraj, R Kumaravel, G Suresh Kumar, R Suganthanraj, S Pretham, S Ahamed Asrarul, A Sikkandar Batcha, S Samu, P Sundara Moorthy, M Raj Kumar, J Ranjith, SA Bebitto, Y Puvirajan, K Gopinath, A Abdul Gafoor, Ajith, Dane Aaron Anthony. Coach: LR Titus.

Delhi and Maharashtra announce squad for Junior National Championship

Delhi and Maharashtra announced squads for the 49th Junior National Football Championship, for BC Roy Trophy.

Delhi Squad : 

Goalkeepers: Varun Bisht, Raju Kumar, Zameer. Defenders: Gaurav Nora, Rishabh Bhandari, Asish Rai, Mukul Mawari, Mannan Balooni.

Midfielders: Rohhit Kumar (captain), Basant, Akash Prasad, Vivek Chhetri, Vijay Malhotra, Shashwat Dev, Hrithik Arora.

Forwards: Safwan Hashmi, Saurav Rawat, Rpshan C, Nitin Joshi, Jai Minocha, Vikrant Bhati.

Delhi is grouped in Tier-I along with Jharkhand, Assam and Tamil Nadu. Delhi’s first match is against Assam on September 20th.

Maharashtra Squad:

Unmed Kumar at, Abhishek Thote, Ebad Ansari, Rohnit Jain, Kartik Yenurkar, Shahu Mandlik, Maz Ansari, Rahul Das, Shushant Jadhav, Kunal Kunder, Sagar Yadav, Advait Shinde, Ashish Sharma, Jitendra Bining, Vineel Poojary, Ashotosh Bane, Gulsher Ansari, Salim Shaikh, Shoaib Ansari, Sagar Waghela (From wifa.in)

Maharashtra plays their first match against Bihar on September 19th.


Goa announce team for 49th Junior National Football Championship

GFA_LogoGoa announced the team for 49th Junior National Football Championship, for BC Roy Trophy.

Schubert D’Costa is the captain of the 20 member team. The other members of the team are as follows :

Sherwin da Cunha, Santosh Pujar, Ozen Silva, Cryson Fernandes, Assumption Soares, Liston Fernandes, Samson Pereira, Jesmon Soares, Akeraj Martins, Cliffton Barbosa, Veegam Ferrao, Mahesh Kumar, Leander D’Cunha, John Fernandes, Mathew Colaco, Fleming Dias, Maxsan Fernandes, Anil Shivolkar, Kirtikesh Gadekar.

Coach : Ajay Acharya

Assistant coach/ Manage : Charles Dias.

Goa is grouped in Tier-I along with Punjab, Meghalaya and Karnataka.

In their first match Goa will take on Punjab on September 23rd.

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