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Facebook Group Constructs House for a Budding Footballer

Arjun, Koorachund, Malayoram, Football, U-13, National, Manipur, Kozhikode, Kerala, Sports Hostel, ErnakulamHere is a heart-warming story from Kerala. A young budding footballer who represented Kerala in U-13 category was presented a house by a Facebook Group. This magnanimous gesture was realized by a Facebook group called Koorachund Malayaoram.

Arjun who represented Kerala lived in a Scheduled Caste colony in Kurachund with his family of four. Before the intervention of Koorachund Malayaoram, what his family possessed was a half finished house with no roof. After his exploits at the U-13 national tournament where Arjun managed to score two goals against Manipur, this Facebook group swung in to action to build a house for the budding star.

Through their Facebook Page they mobilized funds and realized Arjun’s dream. He has a house now.  Arjun has been selected to Ernakulam Sports hostel and is currently pursuing his studies at Panampilly Nagar Government HSS.

News reports suggests that the house will be handed over to Arjun and his family in a public function to be held in Koorachund on February 10th.

Santosh Trophy Final Round Fixtures and Results

Santosh Trophy, Football, South Zone, North-East Zone, East Zone, West Zone, North ZoneThe zonal preliminary rounds of Santosh Trophy 2014 concluded on 4th February and ten teams from different zones qualified for the final round to be held in Siliguri starting from 24th February. See the results from the Zonal Qualification Round here.

Ten teams that qualified are divided in two groups – A & B

Group A :

Uttarakhand, Mizoram, Kerala, Services, Maharashtra

Group B :

Railways, West Bengal, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Goa

Group A Fixtures :

Date : 24th February


Mizoram – Kerala

3 - 1

Uttarakhand – Maharashtra

2 - 3

Date : 26th February


Kerala – Uttarakhand

4 - 0

Services – Maharashtra

0 - 1

Date : 28th February


Services – Uttarakhand

3 - 0

Maharashtra – Mizoram

0 - 2

Date : 02nd March

Maharashtra – Kerala

1 - 0

Mizoram – Services


Date : 04th March

Kerala – Services


Uttarakhand – Mizoram


Group B Fixtures :

Date : 25th Feb

Railways – Tamil Nadu

2 - 1

Goa – Punjab

1 - 1

Date : 27th Feb

Tamil Nadu – Goa

3 - 2

West Bengal – Punjab

0 - 0

Date : 01st Mar

West Bengal – Goa

1 - 2

Punjab – Railways

0 - 0

Date : 03rd Mar

Punjab – Tamil Nadu


Railways – West Bengal


Date : 05th Mar

Tamil Nadu – West Bengal


Goa – Railways


Bengaluru FC Signs Vineeth!

Bengaluru FC has announced that they have signed C.k Vineeth Vineeth CK, സി. കെ വിനീത് , Indianfootball, Kerala, Kannur, Football, Soccer, KSEB, Viva Kerala, Bengaluru FC, United SC till the end of this season.

The Kerala born midfielder came up the ranks through the erst while Viva Kerala and was the highest Indian goal scorer 2012-13 edition of the I-league!

We wish Vineeth a successful stint with Bengaluru FC and hope they sign him on permanently!

Bengaluru FC sign Vineeth

Santosh Trophy 2014 : Zonal Qualification Round Fixtures and Results

The mega Santosh trophy 2014 fixtures and Results page is here for you to enjoy.  If you get carpel Santosh Trophy, Football, South Zone, North-East Zone, East Zone, West Zone, North Zonetunnel syndrome by scrolling endlessly, we are not to blame.  More states being added every year means a much bigger fixture list year on!

Scroll on, the fixtures and results will appear here!

South Zone (Chennai, JN Stadium)

Teams Qualified for final round in Siliguri  : Tamil Nadu, Kerala

Andhra Pradesh – Andaman & Nicobar Islands

5 - 0

Tamil Nadu – Kerala

1 - 0

Karnataka – Andaman & Nicobar Islands

12 - 0

Kerala – Andhra Pradesh

3 - 1

Andaman & Nicobar Islands – Tamil Nadu

1 - 10

Karnataka – Andhra Pradesh

5 - 2

Tamil Nadu – Karnataka

1 - 1

Andaman & Nicobar Islands – Kerala

17 - 0

Kerala – Karnataka

3 - 2

Andhra Pradesh – Tamil Nadu

0 - 4

North Zone

Teams Qualified for final round in Siliguri  : Uttarakhand, Punjab

Haryana – Chandigarh

2 - 1

Delhi – Uttarakhand

2 - 3

Punjab – Himachal Pradesh

2 - 1

Uttar Pradesh – Jammu & Kashmir

0 - 3

Chandigarh – Delhi

0 - 3

Uttarakhand – Haryana

1 - 1

Himachal Pradesh – Uttar Pradesh

0 - 1

Jammu & Kashmir – Punjab

0 - 1

Haryana – Delhi

1 - 1

Uttarakhand – Chandigarh

1 - 0

Punjab – Uttar Pradesh

4 - 0

Jammu & Kashmir – Himachal Pradesh

0 - 0

North-East Zone

Teams Qualified for final round in Siliguri :  Railways, Mizoram

Mizoram – Nagaland

3 - 0

Railways – Tripura

7 - 0

Meghalaya – Assam

4 - 2

Arunachal Pradesh – Mizoram

0 - 5

Nagaland – Manipur

0 - 9

Tripura – Meghalaya

0 - 1

Assam – Railways

1 - 0

Mizoram – Manipur

2 - 0

Nagaland – Arunachal Pradesh

2 - 0

Manipur – Arunachal Pradesh

3 - 1

Railways – Meghalaya

2 - 0

Assam – Tripura

2 - 2

West Zone

Teams Qualified for final round in Siliguri : Goa, Maharashtra

Maharashtra – Gujarat

3 - 0

Goa – Daman and Diu

5 - 0

Gujarat – Madhya Pradesh

2 - 2

Pondicherry – Goa

0 - 3

Daman and Diu – Pondicherry

3 - 3

East Zone

Teams Qualified for final round in Siliguri : Services, West bengal

Jharkhand – Sikkim

1 - 2

West Bengal – Chhattisgarh

1 - 0

Orissa – Bihar

5 - 0

Services – Jharkhand

4 - 0

Chhattisgarh – Orissa

0 - 0

Bihar – West Bengal

1 - 2

Sikkim – Services

0 - 1

West Bengal – Orissa

0 - 0

Bihar – Chhattisgarh

2 - 1

Kerala Announces Santosh Trophy Squad

Kerala, Football, Kerala Football Association, India, Indianfootball, Soccer, KFA Kerala has announced its Santosh Trophy team. Goal Keeper Jean Christian will lead the side and striker R. Kannan is the vice-captain of the team. There are eight new comers in the team.

Kerala team was undergoing a camp in LNCPE, Thiruvananthapuram. Last year’s captain Rahul P has been omitted from the team due to an Injury.

Santosh Trophy is being held in Zonal basis this time around. Kerala will start its campaign against Tamil Nadu on January 26. Kerala will take on Andhra Pradesh on 28th January, Andaman on February 1st and  karnataka on February 3rd.

Kerala Team : SantoshTrophyLogo

Goal Keeper : Jean Christian, N. Noufal, P.P Nishad.

Defenders : Sherin Sam, V.P. Surjith, N. Jhonson, B.K Anagh, A. Shaji, S. Lijo, T. Sajith

Midefilders : P.K. Shibulal, Jipson Justice, K.P. Aneesh, Jijo Joseph, R. Prasoon, K.P. Prameesh

Forwards : T. Usman, V.P Suhair, C. Nasarudeen, R. Kannan

Coach: A.M. Sreedharan, Assitant Coach : Satheevan Balan.

Sushant Mathew Joins Rangdajied United on Loan

Rangdajied United, Shillong, Football, Soccer, I-league, India, Federation Cup, IMG - Reliance, Indianfootball, Meghalaya, Kerala, WayanadVastly experienced kerala player Sushant Mathew has joined Shillong outfit Rangdajied United on loan from IMG-Reliance.

Sushant Mathew who had a splendid career with big clubs such as Mahindra United, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan is currently in Kerala with Rangdajied United squad for the upcoming Federation Cup.

“Sushanth is a talented player and I know him very well. He always comes out with hundred per cent effort and that will help us in Federation Cup and remaining I-League matches,” said Santosh Kashyap to TOI.

We wish Sushant Mathew a successful stint with Rangdajied United.

Calicut and M.G University Players for Kerala Santosh Trophy Camp

Calicut University, M.G. University, Football, All India Inter-University Football Championship, Muvattupuzha, Santosh Trophy, Kerala Varama Collegere, Christ, Irinjalakkuda, ThrissurIn the recently concluded All India Inter-University football championship, Calicut university took on Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam in the final. Calicut emerged champions in a thrilling final.

Players are getting rewarded for their strong performances in the Inter-University championship through a call up to the Santosh trophy camp. Top scorer in the Inter-University championship, V.P. Suhair, midfielder Jijo Joseph and defender Rahul Raj of Calicut University is picked for the camp. While Rahul and Jijo comes from Kerala Varma College in Thrissur,  Suhair is from Christ College, Irinjalakkuda.

The Santosh Trophy camp that kicked off earlier in Thiruvananthupram already had four players from the All India Inter-University football championship runners-up M.G University.  Abhishek N Joshi, Chiko James, A.Y Girish and Jijo Jerome had secured their places in the camp through impressive performances in the state club championships.

This is after two decades that Calicut University is crowned Champions of All India Inter-University Championship. And it has been 26 years since M.G University has reached the finals of this championship played for the Ashutosh Mukerjee Trophy.

Calicut University Crowned All India Inter-University Football Champions

Calicut University, football , Kozhikode, Kerala, All India Inter-University Football Championship, Ashutosh Mukerjee  Trophy, M.G University, Kottayam, Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha
Calicut University are the All India Inter-University Football Champions!

Players from six colleges under Calicut University played a whopping fifteen matches to capture this title. In the squad are seven players from Thrissur Kerala Varma college and  five from Farook College, Kozhikode. Along with players from  Christ College Irinjalakuda, Mampad MES college, Guruvayoorappan College, Kozhikode and Thrissur St. Thomas College made up the squad.

En route to the All India Inter-University Football Championship,  Calicut University were crowned South Zone Football Champions as well. The team scored 54 goals in fifteen matches (South Zone and All – India)  and conceded a paltry eight.  And of those eight, three were conceded  in the final against M.G University.

The final match played out at the Nirmal College, Muvatupuzha was a thrilling affair as per the reports, with six goals pumped in the first half itself. Here is a cool match report! Striker Calicut University, football , Kozhikode, Kerala, All India Inter-University Football Championship, Ashutosh Mukerjee Trophy, M.G University, Kottayam, Nirmala College, MuvattupuzhaK. Suhair of Christ College Irinjalakkuda top goals tally with sixteen!

The team was coached by Satheevan Balan, Harry Benny was the assistant coach and Irshad Hassan the manager.

In 2013 Social Media brings fans even more closer to the Sport

Social Media, Sports, Football, India, Indianfootball, Soccer, Kerala, Winter Olympics, Shiv KeshavanWe have been hearing about social media, the role it supposedly played in protests, revolutions and some times even in regime changes. But what happens in sports, especially in India? While all the international sporting events do trend on Social Media, here in India with the surge of smart phones, a quiet revolution is taking place.

Social media has helped the enthusiast to be closer to the action. For instance take football, we are at point where we could track state league matches happening in Mizoram or Arunachal and at the same time listen to some quirky over the top rumors of  foreign players that are going to play in the I-league.

The only struggle is to the be in the right network. And If you are in, bits and pieces of information, multimedia in pictures and even videos would dot your timeline. And that is how the unfortunate gallery collapse video from Bekal, Kerala went viral world wide.

On 15th December before a seven a side match, the gallery collapsed. There were innumerable people filming a small kid juggling football on the ground and there the gallery sunk in like a houdini act taking down 100s of people. Within hours the video was up on youtube being watched and shared by many. Eventually we saw it appear on!

Pictures, score updates, posters of upcoming matches, almost everything that you need is on social media today when it comes to football. There are also Clubs, players, administrators and media on social media who intervenes in the streams of conversation on sports.

The sports educationists are in there too. Academies, schools, Training camps, all of them are using social media to engage and publicize their efforts.

There are lively communities and discussion boards where not so gracious people fight over and also have meaningful discussion on the sport. There are #hashtags that you can follow to stay updated on sports. For football in India, #Indianfootball and #ileague offers constant stream of information.

The real attraction is also about getting to know the sport in your backyard. A Seven-a-side football fan from Kerala can stay updated himself through scores, pictures and videos on the go. Sporting attractions which were largely local and not in the mainstream gets more traction through social media, there by increasing the interest of people.

Social actions such as crowd funding and crowd sourcing could be a good way forward for sports in India. The recent example of Winter Olympian Shiva Keshavan is a move in that direction. Mobile data and applications such as Whatsapp and other messengers are also helping the fans and supporters  to engage real time.

While we mainly track football we have also come across fan pages and twitter profiles for other sports too. Social media is forging a new way in India for sports, it has changed the way enthusiasts enjoy their sport.

Shashi Tharoor Inaugurates Kerala’s Santosh Trophy Camp

Kerala, Santosh Trophy, Thiruvananthapuram, Camp, Football, Indianfootball, Shashi TharoorShashi Tharoor has officially inaugurated Kerala’s Santosh Trophy camp. Marking the occasion,  Tharoor handed over a ball to the chief coach A.M Sreedharan and Satheevan Balan and flowers to the players that are currently in the camp.

Shashi Tharoor urged the players to better off last years campaign in which Kerala ended up as runners-up in the championship.

Currently there are 25 players in the camp of the 37 that are selected. Rest of the players will join the camp when the State Club football Championship that is taking place in Meenangadi, Wayanad ends.

In Santosh Trophy which is played in zonal basis this time around, Kerala’s first match is against Andhra Pradesh in Chennai on January 26th.

The inaugural function that took place in LNCPE, Thiruvananthapuram was attended Kerala Football Association president K.M.A Mather, SAI Director General Gigi Thomson, and various other dignitaries

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