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Santosh Trophy 2017 : Final Round – Groups, Fixtures & Results

Santosh Trophy 2017, Goa, final round, March, Services, Meghalaya, West Bengal, Chandigarh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Railways, PunjabSantosh Trophy 2017 : Final Round is held Goa.


Matches will be played at Navelim ground, Tilak Maidan and GMC Bambolim grounds in Goa.

Group A: Services, Goa, Meghalaya, West Bengal, Chandigarh
Group B: Kerala, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Railways, Punjab


Matches Group A :

Date Schedule Results
Mar. 12
Chandigarh vs West Bengal 0-1
Mar. 12 Meghalaya vs Goa 1-2
Mar. 14
West Bengal vs Services 1-0
Mar. 14 Chandigarh vs Meghalaya 2-1
Mar. 16
Services vs Chandigarh 1-0
Mar. 16 Goa vs West Bengal 0-0
Mar. 18 Goa vs Chandigarh 1-1
Mar. 18
Meghalaya vs Services 2-0
Mar. 20 West Bengal vs Meghalaya
Mar. 20 Services Goa

Points Table Group A :

Team MP W D L GF GA GD Points
 West Bengal 3 2  1 0 2  0 +2 7
 Goa 3 1 2 0 3 2 +1 5
 Chandigarh 4 1 1 2 3 4 -1 4
 Meghalaya 3 1 0 2 4 4 0 3
Services 3  1 0 2 1 3 -2 3

Matches Group B :

Date Schedule Results
Mar. 13 Mizoram vs Maharashtra 3-1
Mar. 13 Punjab vs Railways 2-1
Mar. 15 Railways vs Kerala 2-4
Mar. 15 Punjab vs Mizoram 0-0
Mar. 17 Kerala vs Punjab 2-2
Mar. 17
Maharashtra vs Railways 0-1
Mar. 19 Maharashtra vs Punjab
Mar. 19 Mizoram vs Kerala
Mar. 21 Railways vs Mizoram
Mar. 21 Maharashtra vs Kerala

Points Table Group B :

Team MP W D L GF GA GD Points
Punjab  3 1 2  0 4  3 +1 5
Kerala 2 1 1  0 6 4 +2 4
Mizoram 2 1 1  0 3 1 +2 4
Railways 3 1 0 2 4 6 -2 3
Maharashtra 2 0 0 2 1 4 -3 0

Semi final :

Date Schedule Results
Mar. 23 Win. Group A vs Run. Group B
Mar. 2 Win. Group B vs Run. Group A

Final :

Date Schedule Results
Mar. 26 Win Semi 1 vs Win Semi 2

That’s how the North East kicks it!

Football, North East, Charity, Community, Royal Whingdoh, Shillong Lajong, Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya, Assam, KolkataA glimpse of the football scene in Assam and Meghalaya!

When we planned a trip to the North East this December, I was all excited. Football, that was in my mind. When we had to replan our initial itinerary to avoid Tawang from the list and settle for Meghalaya and Assam, I was, even more, happy. Guwahati FC, Guwahati Town Club and the Shillong football scene was in my mind. It’s a year-end trip, my wife has yearned for a long trip for a long long time, all this meant I couldn’t outrightly tell her that I was looking forward only for football. I did not do that mistake! Will never do that!

However, I did send a message to Riewdondor Khongwir ( A good friend from Indian football Live FB Group) alerting him that I will be landing in Shillong and would love to meet up with him! We landed in Kolkata and took a train to Guwahati. While on the train we spotted a few football grounds in Bengal, however, I was terribly sad that I could not go to Salt Lake or feel that football frenzy in Kolkata. We did, however, see some hoardings of Atletico De Kolkata though.

Landed in Guwahati, took a cab all the way to Kaziranga and the whole place is littered, yes, littered with scenic football grounds. I hate tight schedules. For a laid back man like me, its a downer. In Assam too, I missed out seeing a stadium or a football match!

But that was not the case in Meghalaya. I met Riewdondor on the very first day I landed there. He assured me that he will take me to the JN stadium in Shillong. Again, we had so many places to visit and I was afraid if we could make it to the stadium. On our second day in Shillong, we took a trip to Cherrapunji. The wettest place on earth!

But the real surprise was a banner that welcomed us in Cherrapunji. An exhibition match between Shillong Lajong FC and Royal Wahindoh being played in a local ground. I had read about an exhibition match between the two sides some time ago. I thought the banner would be an old one.

We went around Cherrapunji and while we were on our way back, I could see crowd trickling to the ground and immediately told my cab driver to stop. We got down, walked up to the ground. What we saw afterwards is inexplicable. Junior teams from Lajong and Wahindoh was fighting it out on the field, and the stands were brimming with the crowd!

The best part was that the crowd had youngsters and elderly people, men and women, and even children holding hands and walking on the sides. Everyone cheering every single move! Unbelievable! Football in Meghalaya is a community festival. There were vendors selling all kinds of stuff around the ground, there were people perched on all possible parts of the field wanting to watch the match! It was an incredible experience! Sheer love for the game! I said to myself, this is the best part of my trip so far!

Next morning, Riewdondor came down to the hotel and we took a long walk to the Shillong JN stadium. All the way, we spoke about football, the huge role it plays in North East and, of course, the dismal affairs of Indian football. But a morning spent discussing football is definitely not any ordinary morning. We walked all the way to the stadium, saw the Polo grounds, newly laid artificial turf where Royal Wahindoh juniors were prepping for an upcoming match and then the stadium itself. JN stadium, which attracts huge crowds for the Lajong and Wahindoh matches, was in full glory under the morning sun. Riewdondor noticed that bucket seats were installed in the stadium. We stood there for a while chatting and he accompanied me back to the hotel. Thank you Riewdondor for taking me there!

The day before, I had managed to sneak into the Lajong office as well. I was bit late, though. Folks over there seemed pleasantly surprised seeing a football fan from down south barging into their office. However, they were kind enough to tell that if I could make it early in the morning the next day, I could meet the coach! 

There is no North East without football. For people there, the game is in their blood, to be nurtured as a community festival than a game, that bring people together, and keep their bonding with each other strong. If you are a football fan, and if you ever visit the North East of India, do watch a match there – your love for the game would just double! 

Credits to wifey for the pics and editorial support!

Shillong Sports Association’s First Division football league fixtures

Ten clubs will fight it out in Shillong’s first division football league that will start on July 4th.  Shillong Sports Association has released the first twenty fixtures of the league. The participating clubs are Mawlai, Pohkseh, Lawmali Pyllun SC, Nongkrem SC, Smit SC, Laitlyngkot SC, Shillong United FC, Imson FC, Laban and Laitumkhrah.

(All matches at 4:00pm at JN Sports Complex)

July 4: Mawlai SC vs Pohkseh SS&CC

July 5: Lawmali Pyllun SC vs Nongkrem SC

July 7: Smit SC vs Laitlyngkot SC

July 8: Shillong United FC vs Imson FC

July 9: Laban SC vs Laitumkhrah S&CC

July 10: Nongkrem SC vs Mawlai SC

July 11: Pohkseh SS&CC vs Lawmali Pyllun SC

July 12: Laitlyngkot SC vs Shillong United FC

July 14: Laitumkhrah S&CC vs Smit SC

July 15: Imson FC vs Laban SC

July 16: Mawlai SC vs Shillong United FC

July 17: Smit SC vs Lawmali Pyllun SC

July 18: Laban SC vs Nongkrem SC

July 19: Pohkseh SS&CC vs Laitumkhrah S&CC

July 21: Laitlyngkot SC vs Imson FC

July 22: Lawmali Pyllun SC vs Mawlai SC

July 23: Shillong United FC vs Laban SC

July 24: Nongkrem SC vs Smit SC

July 25: Laitumkhrah S&CC vs Laitlyngkot SC

July 26: Imson FC vs Pohkseh SS&CC

Sushant Mathew Joins Rangdajied United on Loan

Rangdajied United, Shillong, Football, Soccer, I-league, India, Federation Cup, IMG - Reliance, Indianfootball, Meghalaya, Kerala, WayanadVastly experienced kerala player Sushant Mathew has joined Shillong outfit Rangdajied United on loan from IMG-Reliance.

Sushant Mathew who had a splendid career with big clubs such as Mahindra United, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan is currently in Kerala with Rangdajied United squad for the upcoming Federation Cup.

“Sushanth is a talented player and I know him very well. He always comes out with hundred per cent effort and that will help us in Federation Cup and remaining I-League matches,” said Santosh Kashyap to TOI.

We wish Sushant Mathew a successful stint with Rangdajied United.

A Brief History of Royal Wahindgoh FC from Shillong

While sifting through our regular dose of football news, we came upon this piece about an exhibition match between Royal Wahindgoh FC and Kohima Komets scheduled to take place on October 13th in Kohima.  That article also had a short write up on Royal Wahindgoh FC’s history. Always a pleasure to read history….here is your monday morning history dose!


RWFC_logo-cutout23Royal Wahingdoh Sports Club was founded in 1946 and made its mark on the Shillong football scene by winning many titles. However, as the years went by, many other professional clubs began making their entry into the leagues organized in Shillong.

The amateur club found it difficult to cope with the younger clubs, and slowly its downfall began. In 2007, Wahingdoh Sports Club nearly faced relegation to the 2nd Division League, and as a result of inconsistent performance, the Wahingdoh community felt the need of a younger and more innovative approach. The club finally turned professional in 2008 after merging with Royal Football Club.

Thereafter, the club was renamed as Royal Wahingdoh FC under the able leadership of the club’s new owner Dominic Sutnga Tariang.  Several dramatic changes were made in the club, and in the same very year of its reformation, the club unexpectedly bounced back to claim third spot in the 2nd Division Regional League. Royal Wahingdoh FC fans still remember the team’s stupendous performance in the First Division 2009 season where they set a record by winning all their games besides scoring 52 goals en route to lifting the title and along with it, an entry into the top tier of Meghalaya football, Shillong Premiere League.

The club created history in Shillong Premier League 2010 season by becoming the first team to win the title on debut after beating Shillong Lajong FC through tie-breaker. Another record was set in August, 2012 when the Royals won their third consecutive Shillong Premier League finals after beating Rangdajied United FC. Royal Wahingdoh FC is currently competing in national tournaments, including the 2nd Division I League and the Federation Cup.

The RWFC team: Players: Kenio Lyngkhoi, R Lalhmangaizuala, Loveday Okechukwu, N Premsingh, Khusen Manger, Pema Bhutia, Kerionald Pyngrope, Chesterfiel Nongdhar, Syevit Tongper, Maitshaphrang Nengnong, Mankupar Rymmai, Eijingmut Lyngdoh, Karma Lepcha, Henry Kharwan, Aiborlang Khyriemmunjat, Dosel Lalruatkima and Vanlalzuia

Source : http://www.nagalandpost.com/

Goa announce team for 49th Junior National Football Championship

GFA_LogoGoa announced the team for 49th Junior National Football Championship, for BC Roy Trophy.

Schubert D’Costa is the captain of the 20 member team. The other members of the team are as follows :

Sherwin da Cunha, Santosh Pujar, Ozen Silva, Cryson Fernandes, Assumption Soares, Liston Fernandes, Samson Pereira, Jesmon Soares, Akeraj Martins, Cliffton Barbosa, Veegam Ferrao, Mahesh Kumar, Leander D’Cunha, John Fernandes, Mathew Colaco, Fleming Dias, Maxsan Fernandes, Anil Shivolkar, Kirtikesh Gadekar.

Coach : Ajay Acharya

Assistant coach/ Manage : Charles Dias.

Goa is grouped in Tier-I along with Punjab, Meghalaya and Karnataka.

In their first match Goa will take on Punjab on September 23rd.