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FIFA Team Inspects Kochi JN Stadium and Training Grounds for 2017 U-17 World Cup

Kochi, Football, Jawahar Lala Nehru Stadium, JN, Kaloor, Soccer, U-17, World Cup, FIFA, Mather, Kerala Football Association, KFA, Natural turf, FIFA, 2017 U-17 World CupMr.Constantin Weiland FIFA Official along with AIFF officials Mr.Javier Ceppi , Mr.Shaji Prabhakar, Mr.Vijay Parthasaradhy, Ms.Roma Khanna conducted Inspection at JNI Stadium, Kaloor today in the presence of KFA President KMI Mather and General Secretary Anilkumar P. The team checked the infra structure and facilities at the Stadium. They have also visited the proposed training venues at KUFOS Ground, Fort Kochi Veli Ground, Govt: Boys Higher Secondary School Ground, Panampilly Nagar and Maharajas College Ground in the morning.

“As the Stadium is made of Natural Turf the training grounds also must be of the same “, the team conveyed to Mr. Mather. They will be sharing the report within another few days. The team left for Bombay by evening, expressing their hope to furnish the training grounds and the Stadium renovation work up to the FIFA standards within the time frame.

An article in Deccan Chronicle about the visit throws more insight. FIFA stipulates having four training grounds in a World Cup hosting city. Javier Ceppi the tournament director appointed by AIFF was quoted in DC saying :

2017, FIFA, U-17, World Cup, India, Football, Soccer

Not official logo. FNI interpretation

“We need four training grounds that is the minimum. The grounds have to be ten times better than the current pitch”

He also emphasized on the need of bucket seats in the stadium for it to qualify for hosting the 2017 U-17 World cup. The second tier in Kochi JN stadium currently don’t have bucket seats installed.

It is also mentioned in the report that a confirmation on whether Kochi will be hosting the tournament would be available by January 2015.

With Kochi registering an average crowd of 47000 for ISL, the city has gathered attention from the authorities in terms of attracting crowd. If our local authorities wake up and work towards this goal, we will see Kochi hosting 2017 U-17 World Cup.

With inputs from KFA press-release