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Kerala Based SEPT Signs Landmark Agreement with UAE Club Al Ahli SC

SEPT, Al Ahli, Kerala, Grassroots, Football, Academy, UAE, MalayalamKerala based football academy SEPT signs landmark agreement with UAE Club Al Ahli SC. SEPT is a byword in Kerala football now. Started in 2004, SEPT now trains around 2000 budding footballers across the state. Take any age-group Kerala team, it is assured that SEPT cadres form a major part of them.

SEPT, Al Ahli, Kerala, Grassroots, Football, Academy, UAE, MalayalamAs part of the agreement it is understood that  Al Ahli SC will open up their world class training facility and trainers for SEPT kids. In turn,  Al Ahli is hoping to tap in to the large swathe of Indian diaspora in UAE. According to reports it is said that after the U-17 World Cup that took place in UAE,  Al Ahli noticed the vast number of Indian supporters that turned up for the matches and issued notices in Malayalam media in UAE urging fans to turn for  Al Ahli’s matches as well.

The partnership between SEPT was signed today between SEPT UAE coordinator Shanavas SEPT, Al Ahli, Kerala, Grassroots, Football, Academy, UAE, MalayalamCKP and  Ahmed Khalifah Hammed (CEO, Al Ahli Club) during a press conference at the Al Ahli Club Media Centre.

Al Ahli is a leading club in the middle-east and has been attracting top players from middle-east and Europe off late.


Malappuram may host Federation Cup

Federation CupMalappuram may finally witness some national level football matches. If the construction of the upcoming stadium in Manjeri is completed by December, Malappuram may host two group-stage matches.

Read more (Content in Malayalam) – ഫെഡറേഷന്‍ കപ്പ് മത്സരങ്ങള്‍: മലപ്പുറത്തിനും സാധ്യത

Kerala FA comes up with three new schemes to improve grassroot football

KFAKerala football association has devised three new schemes to improve grassroots football in the state. KFA will partner FIFA, U.K club Reading FC and Kerala sports Council in implementing these schemes.  The now scrapped Vision India scheme will be revamped with the help of Kerala Sports council, football coaching scheme overseen by FIFA and football school in partnership with Reading FC and a tournament for Academies across the state are part of the grand plan.

We will have to wait and see how much of this will materialize.

Read more about the plan (Content in Malayalam) : ഫുട്‌ബോളിനെ കൈപിടിച്ചുനടത്താന്‍ കെ.എഫ്.എ.യുടെ ത്രിതല പദ്ധതി