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AIFF regional academies to be consolidated in Goa

AIFF, FIFA. Goa, U-17, World Cup, India, Football, Indianfootball, Soccer, AcademyAIFF started off their regional academies with much fanfare and promise. However functioning of these academies are not going as per the original plan, if reports appearing in the media are true.

Players training at the regional academies in Navi Mumbai and Bangalore has been already shifted to the regional academy in Goa. Latest in the line is players at the Kalyani academy in West Bengal. Reports suggest that the only FIFA-AIFF academy in West Bengal has stopped functioning and soon will be shifted out to Goa.

“We have our own building in Goa where all the academy boys can be housed, Moreover, the cost in Kalyani is proving to be on the higher side. In Goa, it will cost less and be more convenient,” AIFF general secretary Kushal Das is quoted in a media report.

It is also reported that while AIFF’s director of Academies, Scott O’Donnell has approved of this decision, there is serious resentment within AIFF about shifting the academy from West Bengal.