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Bengaluru FC vs Dempo SC : In Football the Ball Scores

Bengaluru FC – Dempo Sports Club

3 - 1

Guest column by by Yogesh Maurya (Football coach). Yogesh talks about Bengaluru Fc’s tactics they employed against Dempo Sc

Bengaluru FC, I-leagueWithin 12 minutes of the opening whistle, Bengaluru FC  had scored what would prove to be the game winner, and on balance of play, the final result of 3-1 to BFC was well deserved.  Technically, if we look at the first 2 goals, Dempo failed to step up and challenge the ball despite multiple players having opportunities to do so.   Remember, when we say the ball scores in football, we simply are reminding ourselves that it is the ball that crosses the goal line when a goal is scored.  Sounds simple right? Well despite all the tactical punditry that engulfs our beautiful game today, the actual decisive plays in the moment come down to often simple choices and actions. So if the defending team does not challenge attempts at goal, especially against a team with the finishing talent of BFC, one would not be a tactical genius in telling you that it is a risky approach.

To our technical fraternity that likes breakdowns…here we go: BFC was in their usual 4:3:3 formation, with Menyongar as the single holding midfielder. Dempo was in a 4:2:3:1, the difference to BFC’s formation being the two holding midfielders we often call a double pivot.  So what that translates into is BFC’s  front five of Rooney, Chhetri, Beingaicho, Hanghal and Caldeira against Dempo’s back six.  5 v 6 means Dempo has a free man, which often was one of Dempo SC, I-league, Football, India, Indianfootballthe centre halves in Honda or Colosimo.  How does it help to have the extra man? The extra man is often ineffective to say the least if defences do not rotate when there is a breakdown and step up to the ball…translation, if the defence stands around and ball watches, and backs off of players giving them too much room, they will be conceding more often than not at this level.

The First Goal:

Let’s look at the first goal. Firstly, absolutely brilliantly struck by Hanghal into the top corner.   Great technique and composure on the half volley; settled the ball with one touch, kept his knee over the ball, balanced his body with his left arm, and locked his ankle in a fluid strike. It is awesome to see that type of execution live! Striking a football clean, with pace and in the right direction is very similar to a beautiful fluid golf swing…if you over swing, the ball often ends up with the wrong trajectory and distance…same in football.  But, from the other side, Dempo has to be disappointed as not less than 4 players could have confronted the strike but chose to give Hanghal way too much room.

Contrast that with Johnson and Osano…have we seen them backing off especially that close to goal? Not once. I will always take a defender that has the confidence to stand up to an attacker aggressively and may get beat, as opposed to one that backs off because he is unsure of himself.  Let’s go even deeper in the sequence of events that lead to the goal…first mistake by Honda: allows Rooney to receive the ball inside the 18 yard box on a bounced throw-in.  Second mistake, Players watching Rooney and not anticipating.  Colosimo clears the header which lands at Sanghal.  3rd mistake…repeat of the 2nd mistake…players watch Hanghal settle the ball and strike.  When Hanghal struck the ball, not even including the goalkeeper, Dempo had 8 players in or at the top of the box compared to Bengaluru FC’s 4!

The Second Goal:

On the second goal, the first error by Dempo was letting the ball bounce like that again near the 18 yard box despite having six players back and four behind the ball! Even after the bounce, instead of attacking the ball and clearing it, Dempo’s right back allowed Chhetri to challenge him.  Contrast with BFC. When do Johnson and Osano ever let a ball bounce? Have yet to see it.  The results are clear. After the keeper makes a brilliant save on Chhetri, the ball ends up with Rooney at the top of the box and an absolutely clinical finish!  Look at the numbers…Dempo had four players in the box compared to BFC’s two! Just outside the box, Dempo has three players back compared to BFC with one midfielder high.

The Third Goal:

On the third goal, more of the same. Honda backed off Caldeira who was able to play Rooney through…Rooney again makes no mistake (though I am sure he will be the first one to tell you the keeper gave him way too much of the far post). Doesn’t mean it’s easy! Yes, Dempo seemed a step behind compared to BFC who started aggressively and hungry as usual.   BFC has scored first in every single match this year.  Credit to the coaching staff for their role in having the players ready from the opening whistle…that is the result of loads of preparation behind the scenes, not some accident and random luck.

Post scripts:

Key midfield battle :

Hanghal and Caldeira winning out versus Dempo’s No. 6 Carvalho and No. 23 Raja.

John Menyongar :

Have not seen the stat book, but my ticker has that he did not turn the ball over a single time even successfully completing some of his riskier passes.

Sunil Chetri :


Liked the spring in his step and desire that created the 2nd goal…and he mixed it up. Though his yellow card seemed harsh, didn’t mind him showing that competitive fire all match long.  Possibly his best performance this year as his National Coach – Wim Koevermans looked on.

Pawan Kumar :

What he lacks in height he must make up with positioning and footwork…just misjudged the ball on the goal by Dempo…for any goalkeeper, on any type of crosses, the most important factor is to be decisive.  Once committed, he still might have gotten to it but in his doubt, he forgot to jump and instead peddled back when it was too late.  No problem as I can assure you it has happened to much taller goalkeepers!  The coaches will work on that in training.

BFC begin a run of road matches.  Much is made of away games being more difficult than home games…the lack of fan support, the travel…but it is all a matter of perception. Whether or not the crowd is rooting for the player, the fact that there is a crowd, and an energy, it gives players a lift. And the travel? It allows the team to be together and focus without the distractions that often come along with home games. So it is really about how you interpret your environment, not how the environment interprets you! …it is still a football match with two nets and 22 players!

Yogesh Maurya :

Football Yogi- Article 1-edited (1)

Yogesh Maurya played Collegiate soccer for Columbia University in New York and was a United States High School All American, representing New Jersey in the US Olympic development program. In the last 4 years alone, he has spent over 3000 hours on and off the pitch coaching and studying tactics and youth player development.  

IMG – Reliance Appoint Former FIFA Official Ko-Ichiro Kato

Ko-Ichiro Kato, FIFA, Football, Indian Super League, ISL, Indianfootball, SoccerReports are coming through that IMG – Relaince has appointed  Ko-Ichiro Kato, former Head of Competitions, Brazil Office, FIFA 2014 World Cup and FIFA Head of Club World Cups (2005-2010), as Consultant, Tournament Operations for the much-anticipated Indian Super League.

“Japanese national Ko-Ichiro Kato is an able football administrator being associated with FIFA competitions over the last decade in various leadership roles and will bring in his experience and expertise to oversee the Indian Super League operations to ensuring its smooth conduct,” tournament organiser IMG – Reliance said in a statement.

This is the second major hiring by IMG – Reliance after appointing Greg Gillin, a Wembley Stadium expert and Senior Director, National Stadium Singapore Sports Hub, as the pitch consultant.

Content Courtesy : PTI

Video : Bengaluru FC’s goals against Dempo

Bengaluru FC put up another convincing performance in the 6th round of I-league and scored some beautiful goals against five times I-league champions Dempo SC. Here are the goals from the 3-1 defeat of Dempo.

Kozhikode to host Federation Cup?

Kozhikode, Football, Kerala, Federation Cup, Indianfootball , I-league

Pic Courtesy : The Hindu

With AIFF making the announcement that the upcoming Federation Cup will be held in Kerala, the state is fumbling to decide upon a venue.

It was earlier touted that Malappuram will be hosting the tournament. Kerala Football Association President visited the stadium in Manjeri and expressed optimism in conducting the Federation cup.

Few days after the incident, it is being reported that Kozhikode will be in fact hosting the tournament. The Corporation stadium in Kozhikode is also under renovation. According to reports, there is a lot of work to be finished before November, which seems highly unlikely.

According to another report that has appeared, it seems Kozhikode District Football Association seems to have almost gave up on hosting the Federation Cup.

With the Kochi Jawahar Lal Nehru seems to be courting all kind of wrong attention for the washed out Duleep Trophy matches, Kerala Football Association seems to be in a conundrum about hosting the federation cup.

Airtel I-league Round 6 Results

Airtel I-league, TenAction

Here are the 6th round matches and telecast details of Airtel I-league 2013- 14.

Bengaluru FC – Dempo Sports Club

3 - 1

Date : 23th Oct, Telecast : No, 3.30 pm

McDowell Mohun Bagan – Salgaocar FC

2 - 1

Date : 23th Oct, Telecast : No, 5.00 pm

Mumbai FC – Shillong Lajong

2 - 3

Date : 23rd Oct, Telecast : TenAction, 5.00 pm

Sporting Clube de Goa – Rangdajied United FC

3 - 0

Date : 24th Oct, Telecast : Live on No, 3.30 pm

Mohammedan Sporting – United Sports Club

0 - 0

Date : 24th Oct, Telecast : Live on TenAction, 7.00 pm

India U-19 and Nepal U-19 teams in fray for Sikkim Governor’s Gold Cup

Sikkim, Football,  All India Governor’s Gold Cup football tournament, NepalThe 34th edition of All India Governor’s Gold Cup football tournament will kick off in Sikkim on November 7th.

I-league side Mohammedan Sporting, Mumbai Tigers, Royal Wahingdoh, Tata Football Academy and Sikkim’s very own United Sikkim FC will take part in the tournaments.

International teams in Three Star Nepal, Manang Masangdi and U-19 Nepal national team will be in fray.

Organizers are in talks with Mohun Bagan and India U-19 National team for their participation. If Mohun Bagan and India U-19 team plays, this year’s All India Governor’s Gold Cup football tournament will be a grand feast for football fans in Sikkim.

Mumbai Tigers Vying for the Indian Super League

Mumbai Tigers, Dodsal, Football, India, Indianfootball, Mumbai, Soccer, I-leagueMumbai Tigers, the team which withdrew from I-league is looking for a chance to appear in the upcoming Indian Super League (ISL).  With the withdrawal from I-league many even feared for the existence of the club. It is heartening to know the team is alive and kicking.

“Top I-League clubs and IMG – Reliance are approaching the club for players. We are hoping that we will be allowed to play in the IMG – Reliance tournament. We are waiting for the management’s decision on the matter,” Paresh Shivalkar of Mumbai Tigers told TOI.

The team is currently participating in Nandakarni Cup in Chembur.

United Sikkim FC Tie Up with Apparel Brand Kokkivo

United Sikkim FC, Kokkivo, sikkim , football, Baichung Bhutia, India, I-leagueGANGTOK, October 21, 2013

United Sikkim FC and Kokkivo clothesline on Saturday announced a tie-up wherein the Snow Lions will be flaunting the Red Panda tees while travelling. Kokkivo is urban clothesline launched earlier this year by two young entrepreneurs Sonam Tshering Tamang and Deep Dhar, both 24 years old from Gangtok. Their special product for United Sikkim FC launched on Oct 19 is a navy blue tee.

United Sikkim’s mascot ‘Snow Lion’ is imprinted on the chest (right) portion of the tee while Kokkivo’s logo ‘Red Panda’ is smartly positioned on the left sleeve.

The tee will be worn by all the United Sikkim players and officials whenever the team is travelling for tournaments.

“It is one of the historic days of us. For a small place like Sikkim, the club has got its own designer. Our players will be wearing the Kokkivo t-shirt whenever they travel.

We are proud and both Sonam and Deep are examples for entrepreneurship for our youths to follow,” said Bhaichung to media.

Sonam and Deep, both graduates in management, expressed their happiness on the tie-up with United Sikkim and Bhaichung. It is also a historic day for us to be associated with Bhaichung and United Sikkim, they said.

“The T-shirt is made from the finest fabric that will comfort the United Sikkim players wherever they have to travel. Keeping the hot and humid climatic conditions in mind, we have designed the T-shirt. The main thing we focused on was the comfort levels,” said Sonam and Deep.

The United Sikkim-Kokkivo tee, in different colours, would be made available in all the three stores of Style in Gangtok and can also be ordered from the website of Kokkivo. We will be coming up with more stuff for United Sikkim and their fans, said the duo.

United Sikkim senior manager Arjun Rai and the players also attended the launching function at BB15 Fitness & Dance Studio here.

You can order United Sikkim FC Polo from Kokkivo Clothing

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United SC and Mohammedan Sporting to Trade Players with IMG – Reliance

United SC, Kolkata, Football, India, IMG - Reliance, Indian Super League, ISL, Players LoanThough it was widely reported yesterday that I-League players will not feature in the Indian Super League (ISL) by IMG – Reliance, as we reported earlier, news is trickling in that I-league players will in fact be part of the ISL set up.

The cash strapped Kolkata club United SC has reportedly agreed to release eight of their top players for the upcoming IMG – R league. It is reported Dipak Mondal, Lal Kamal Bhwomick, Mohammed Rafique, Sangram Mukherjee, C.K. Vineeth and Asif Kottayil will be released by the club for the league.

As reported earlier, Mohammedan sporting is willing to loan out five IMG – R players. Rahim Mohammedan Sporting, IMG - Reliance, Football, Indian Super League, ISL, Football, India, Nabi, Ishafaq Ahamed, Mehrajuddin Wadoo, Manish Maithani and Louis Barreto will join the I-league outfit.

It is also reported that a top IMG – Reliance source said that top players such as Sunil Chhetri has also expressed interest to be part of the league. However, they are facing trouble as the Indian quota (72 players) has filled up for the upcoming season.

IMG - Reliance, IPL, Football, Delhi, Stadium, League

Image Courtesy :

Though Indian Professional Football Clubs Assocation (IPFCA) put up a brave and defiant face without toeing along the lines of IMG – Reliance in the beginning, it is far too obvious that there is no consensus among them on this issue. It was also reported that some I-league clubs will be pitching in for franchises.

IMG – Reliance Cuts Deal with Star India

IMG - Reliance, IPL, Football, Delhi, Stadium, League

Image Courtesy :

According to a report in TOI, it is understood that IMG – Reliance has struck a deal with Star India to become equity partners in a JV to run their proposed IPL-Style football league.

After this development, Star India will hold 30%  stake in the joint venture IMG – Reliance. According to the report, IMG – Reliance and Star India will disperse 100% broadcast  revenue to franchise owners in the first season.

Elsewhere in TOI, it is also reported that football stars such as Yorke, Ljungberg, Pires, Crespo and Saha has been signed by IMG – R for their upcoming league. Thierry Henry and Michael Owen could also join the fray. Peter Schmeichel, the legendary Danish and Manchester United goal keeper and Marcel Marcel Desailly former Chelsea and France legend has been roped in the role of coaches.

IMG – R Chair Person Nita Ambani confirmed to TOI :  “Having Star on board as a partner strengthens our efforts and commitment to propel Indian football to its rightful place. We see the launch of the football league as the realization of a dream of a billion-plus Indians to experience the most cherished game globally in new ways,”

It is also understood that some I-league clubs will all bid for franchises during the auctions. Pune FC-Piramals, East Bengal, JSW, Dempo-Salgaocar are in the fray to pick up franchises. Apart from that a host of corporates, Celebrities and a consortium of businessmen from Kerala are in the fray for team in the proposed league.

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