Facebook Group Constructs House for a Budding Footballer

Arjun, Koorachund, Malayoram, Football, U-13, National, Manipur, Kozhikode, Kerala, Sports Hostel, ErnakulamHere is a heart-warming story from Kerala. A young budding footballer who represented Kerala in U-13 category was presented a house by a Facebook Group. This magnanimous gesture was realized by a Facebook group called Koorachund Malayaoram.

Arjun who represented Kerala lived in a Scheduled Caste colony in Kurachund with his family of four. Before the intervention of Koorachund Malayaoram, what his family possessed was a half finished house with no roof. After his exploits at the U-13 national tournament where Arjun managed to score two goals against Manipur, this Facebook group swung in to action to build a house for the budding star.

Through their Facebook Page they mobilized funds and realized Arjun’s dream. He has a house now.  Arjun has been selected to Ernakulam Sports hostel and is currently pursuing his studies at Panampilly Nagar Government HSS.

News reports suggests that the house will be handed over to Arjun and his family in a public function to be held in Koorachund on February 10th.

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